90 - March 29

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 Monday March 29

-The Triples should allow you to warm up well as you build. Make bigger jumps in the doubles and singles.
-Run hard! The Push Ups are secondary to the running effort. Just consider the Push Ups a sneaky way to add in a little volume without taking away from your legs and lungs.
-Short and dirty! Break the CTB more often than the Cleans.

Warm Up Min 0-10
5:00 Bike
2:00 Jump Rope Skips
30 Wallballs

Get Strong Min 18-36
Squat Clean
3 T&G Reps
Every 2:00 for 6:00
2 T&G Reps
Every 3:00 for 6:00
1 Rep

Get Fit Min 44-74
400m Run x 6
Rest 3:00
During the 3:00 rest periods complete 3 sets of Push Ups (1 set per minute)
30 Min Cap

Finisher Min 85-90
Climb the Ladder
2/2, 4/4, 6/6, etc..
Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Hang Power Clean 135/95

Competitor Extra 1
8 Tall Box Jumps
12 Ring Push Ups w/ :03 Negative
Alternate movements OTM

Competitor Extra 2
8 Rounds
25/20 Calorie Ski
Try to match efforts each round and use equal work/rest
Tuesday March 30

-Use the 5s and 4s as a way to further warm up, move the bar quickly, and hit your points of performance. 3s-1s should be a heavy build.
-Even though it's only 3 rounds, this will be exhausting very quickly. Set a pace early that you think is maintainable, and if you can ramp it up later on, hit the gas near the finish.
-Go right from the HS Walk into the Dips, then rest the remainder.

Warm Up Min 0-11
400m Run
20 Alternating Bird Dogs
5 Wall Climbs
400m Run
20 Hollow Rocks
10 Strict HSPU

Get Strong Min 20-35
Strict Press
Every :90 for 15:00
Complete a set

Get Fit Min 47-62
3 Rounds
500/450m Row
30 KB Swings 70/53
15 Burpee Box Jump Overs
15 Min Cap

Quality Time Min 76-90
Every 2:00 for 14:00
30' HS Walk
8 Strict Dips
both movements in 2:00 window

Competitor Extra 1
Every 4:00 for 20:00
1 Set of Arnold Press (12-18 reps)
1 Set of Bent Over Double DB Rows (10-15 reps)
both movements in 4:00 window

Competitor Extra 2
C2 Bike Erg
15 Rounds
For total distance
":30 on / :30 off"
On = 100-115 RPMs
Off = 60-70 RPMs
Wednesday March 31

-Warm up your hips/front rack and strive for your best possible Front Squat reps. You have plenty of time and no excuse!
-Much of the success in both the Get Fit piece and Quality Timepiece will be linked to your willingness to transition quickly. I'm not saying you need to be extremely fast, but you do need to be deliberate and cut out even the extra second or two of standing around that you just don't NEED.

Warm Up Min 0-10
2 Rounds
300m Row
25 Air Squats
10 Inch Worms w/ Push Up

Get Strong Min 20-40
Front Squat
E2MOM 20
Round 1-4 (5 Reps) @ 60-65% 1RM
Round 5-8 (4 Reps) @ 70-75% 1RM
Round 9-10 (3 Reps) @ 80-85% 1RM

Get Fit Min 50-70
20 Rounds
3 Thrusters 135/95
15 Double Unders
20 Min Cap

Quality Time Min 80-90
8/6 Calories on AAB or Echo
4 Bar Muscle Ups
2 Parallette HSPU

Competitor Extra 1
Pendlay Row
Weight can build gradually

Competitor Extra 2
30 Min Casual Run
15:00 out and back
Try to match exact distance/pace both ways
Friday April 2

-You'll want to go above and beyond on the workout set up to eliminate wasted transition time. This EMOM is 7 rounds so be sure you can maintain the Bike and GHD output before you start, or make the necessary adjustments.
-No need to push for big Unbroken sets, just chip away at the volume in high movement quality chunks. Rest as needed.

Warm Up 0-10
3 Rounds
400m Ski (or Row)
10 Good Mornings w/ empty bar
5 Inch Worm + Push Ups

Get Fit Min 25-60
15/12 Calorie Bike Erg
3 Bench Press
12 GHD Sit Ups
3 Clean and Jerk (any style)
Rest (:60)
Build both Bench and C&J weights across EMOM

Quality Time 75-90
KB Swings 53/35
KB Goblet Alternating Lunges
15 Min Cap

Competitor Extra 1
750m Row x 4
2:00 Rest
Complete in negative splits

Competitor Extra 2
Barbell Hip Thrust
Build across sets
Saturday April 3

-On the Deadlift we are looking more for time under tension and control rather than super heavy weights. You shouldn't face a big challenge until the final set of 6.
-To beat the cap you need to finish the MU and some Burpees before the 9:00 Run, and Burpees completed before the 15:00 Run. This should give enough time for Wallballs
-You choose the Power Snatch weight. It should be Heavy enough that you go singles, but not too heavy that it ruins the 2:00 windows.

Warm Up Min 0-8
2 Rounds
200m Run
15 KB Kang Squats
5 Burpees
5 Strict CTB

Get Strong Min 18-33
Complete the following sets in 15:00

Get Fit Min 45-66
For Time
30 Muscle Ups
60 Burpees to Target
90 Wallballs 20/14
Every 3:00 (inc 0:00)
Run 200m
21 Min Cap

Finisher Min 80-90
Every 2:00 for 10:00
200m Row
10 Toes to Bar
3 "Heavy" Power Snatch

Competitor Extra 1
10 Rounds
10/7 Calories on AAB
:60 Rest

Competitor Extra 2
4x12 Barbell Bicep Curls w/ :03 negative
4x12 Dips w/ :03 hold at top

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